Bye Binary - Redefining Labels for Masculine/Feminine Energies

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April 2021

So. We live in a world of form and polarity, but that is just an illusion. I heard people say that all the time, but I only truly understood the illusion of separation once I experienced it for myself. The truth is that we are free flowing energy. Our bodies are not as solid as we believe them to be. Our consciousness is much larger than we can presently imagine through the human form. Knowing this, the notion of a society with only two gender identities is just fucking bananas. Like everything else, gender is a spectrum. AND it's not even a requirement to be bound by the limitation of gender at all. Be genderless if you want. Or don't. The choice is yours - you are the entire universe embodied. Define or undefine yourself in any way that your core frequency desires. It is your nature to be limitless. 

What I want to discuss are the labels of masculine and feminine energy. Clearly, energy workers use these terms to describe energies of a specific quality. I myself use these terms quite often, because it has become shorthand for a specific communication. Masculine doesn't mean "male" and feminine does not mean "female." These are problematic terms that arose from our understanding of the binary system from which this universe was created. I understand why we have come from a world in which polarity was the absolute truth, but we have already left that world behind. Such is the process of consciousness evolution. There is not just "masculine" and "feminine" - there is an infinite expression of energies in between these two sides of a single gradient. To use these gendered words is to limit. It is to further shame and repress the femininity in men and the masculinity in women. Not to mention the fact that use of these labels is underinclusive to those who completely do away with personal identification with the binary or gendered system.

Maybe it's the lawyer brain, but it is truly very important to me to find the closest human words possible to translate energy that I receive intuitively. Human words can never, ever truly describe the multi-sensory experience of energy, but I can still do my best, right? So it began to bother me when I would give readings and the only way to translate the energy I was receiving was to use the words "masculine" or "feminine" to explain to the client what was going on behind the scenes. One day I was ruminating on this issue and the guides offered a potential solution. What if we agreed to use other labels to describe these terms? They offered the words "leading" and "allowing" energies as an example. Masculine is leading, feminine is allowing. That takes care of the gendering problem, but what about the nature of the binary system itself? Is this still problematic because these new terms still reflect a binary system? Or is this beneficial because society will perhaps be more willing to engage in the idea of energy as a spectrum, and therefore have a more accurate understanding of what's behind the scenes? Perhaps there could be more than just two archetypal labels, because masculine and feminine energy each represent many different aspects of energy. I think removing the gendering but viewing two distinct energies as opposite ends of the same spectrum is best. New labels--although still problematic because they are labels--may serve as acceptable transitional alternatives.

How else might we define these energies until such time as words are no longer needed to communicate the energies we feel? I'm afraid it's likely that we may have to communicate with these terms until they can be gradually phased out of our perspective of the world and of people. Why is this? Largely because, for example, my job is to translate energy for other people, and the best method of communication is to deliver the information in a way that the client's brain and body will understand. If a person's psychological schema of leading energy is understood as masculine energy in the brain, it may be best for me to stick to the problematic terminology in order to ensure accurate understanding. The same may be true for any two people who are attempting to communicate about these energies with human words. But it feels outdated and inaccurate. And I hate it. How do we fix this?

So, full disclosure: until I can make "fetch" happen, I will likely continue to use these problematic terms in everyday language for communication purposes. However, I am hoping that one day soon, this will not be the case. Perhaps we will see a movement for redefined, inclusive labels to reflect the major shifts in consciousness and new paradigmic expression? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 

Love from behind the scenes, 


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